Dental News

1. Indian Dentist Wins Gold In Commonwealth Games Indian dentist, Heena Sindhu, after claiming silver, in the 10m air pistol at the 21st Commonwealth Games (2018), bagged the gold at the women’s 25m pistol event breaking the games record in the process. Her victory day turned out to be the doctors day at the Belmont… Continue reading Dental News

Dental Memes

1. Dalgona Coffee Of Dentistry Amelogenesis Imperfecta, is also known as hereditary brown enamel of teeth, looks like Dalgone coffee. This problem is due to the developmental disturbance in the structure of the teeth. The teeth become sensitive, with yellow-brown discolouration and are prone to damage or breakage. There is no treatment for now except… Continue reading Dental Memes

Dental Facts

1. Question: Why Does Mint Make Our Mouth Feel Cold? Mint is a highly aromatic, perennial medicinal herb which tricks our brain through chemistry. Mint plant contains a chemical called “Methanol” which is the reason behind its characteristic flavour.  Our bodies have a protein called TRPM8 (Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel Subfamily M (Melastatin) member 8) also… Continue reading Dental Facts

Dental Tips

1. You Might Be Brushing Your Teeth With Fecal Matter Covering the toothbrush with a cap is an unhygienic habit as the head of the brush is wet when we close it, creating the right atmosphere for the microorganisms to flourish. Make a rule to close the lid of the toilet seat before you flush.… Continue reading Dental Tips