5 Facts About Dentistry That Will Impress Your Friends

These 5 facts will convert any dull conversation exciting. Facts about Dentistry that will not only impress your friends but will make them know more about this vast fascinating field.


Dentistry in India is a young branch of the medical profession with ageing just about 100 years while dentistry abroad is double it’s age.
Seeing this, the current situation of dentistry in India is quite appreciable. But the present need is to focus on the quality of dentists that are being created by the dental colleges than the quantity.

Also, the demand for the decade 2021-2030 is the equivalent distribution of the dentists or dental clinics across India spreading not only to the urban areas but reaching the core of India, our rural people.


Dentistry is the only profession where dental students are permitted to practice on the patients. We begin our practice from the third year of BDS, before which we celebrate “White Coat Ceremony”, a small celebration which marks the beginning of our clinical career and an oath is taken for our commitment and responsibilities towards the duties of a dentist, a doctor.

So even before we graduate, we have already got the hands-on experience for 3 years (Third year, Final year and Internship).


Being in Dentistry, you are not just a doctor. The skills we learn are leadership, photography, an entrepreneurial mindset, craftsmanship and a designer. We are trained to become a skilled artisan.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. ~ Edgar Degas


The best thing about dentistry I realised is that a BDS Doctor is competent enough to lead a successful life. A life which is full of health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Being a BDS gives you the independence to explore options and choose the way which is the best for you.

Skills Of A Dentist

Of course, like every field, area and profession, we need to keep ourselves updated, learn and grow with each day.


Just one visit to a dentist in six months (Recommended) to one year can transform your life from giving you the overall confidence to having a healthy smile.

When you visit the dentist for a regular checkup you surely get a full mouth cleaning and polishing. Caries or tooth decay or any upcoming dental problem in the initial stages can be diagnosed and treated, preserving the tooth from severe damage and saving you from discomfort, time and money.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Aldous Huxley

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